Midweek Reset (Links I Like)

Already week 2 of the midweek reset! If you missed last week’s links, you can find them here.

We came through Hurricane Fiona with just a few downed branches and a brief 6 hours without power. Others were not so lucky, including this woman whose house was destroyed while her booze survived the storm.

Here are 7 more links that are brightening my week:

If you’ve been on the fence about trying medication to manage your anxiety, I was inspired by this article, and the quote “Instead of spending all my energy managing my emotions, I can just be myself.”

In honour of Truth and Reconciliation Day this Friday (in Canada at least), I’ve been listening to Fawn Wood, a Juno-award winning Cree and Salish musician. Her song Remember Me is available on YouTube but the whole album makes lovely listening.

Many people are fans of book box subscriptions, or other monthly subscription services that delivers a box of fun products to you regularly. An Indigenous-owned and woman-run company, Raven Reads delivers curated book boxes, with books written by Indigenous authors. The perfect gift for the reader in your life.

This beautiful bathroom.

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Even as someone who does not enjoy cooking, this way of eating eggs seems worth the labour.

I love the style of this jacket for the coolish-weather months.

Some laundry humor: “Do not attempt to wash this brand-new garment right before a job interview” and other recommendations.

And finally, this quote caught my eye somewhere on the internet this week, and while I have not researched whether Edison really said it, it seemed to hit the mark on something that is both funny and true (the hallmark of a keeper quote):

Happy Wednesday!

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