Midweek Reset (Links I Like)

It’s Wednesday and perhaps you also need a little midweek reset. Last night I went with my choir to sing for seniors and was serenaded by a very elderly man with a walker (who had a surprisingly nice tenor voice). Meanwhile, we’re waiting for a hurricane which may or may not be a tropical storm. Given Nova Scotia’s tendency to lose power, I’ll be hanging out here charging my phone.

In the meantime, we have a game in our house where we try to identify the things people like/find fun (my mom always wins- she’s the optimist, and has the most interest in… stuff).

Nonetheless, in an effort to get better at the game, here are 7 things I am liking/finding fun this week:

I finished this book about the history of ballet which was surprisingly interesting. In it, the author talks about the rise of ballet in pop music and pop culture. So it was funny when discussing Taylor Swift to come upon her music video that features classical ballet dancers.

We made these cookies (without the chocolate) this week which are nice to have in the freezer.

I’m constantly house hunting (with next to no success), but recently viewed a house that I not only attempted (and failed) to buy, but was just dying to clean up. Swedish death cleaning was clearly needed.

I’d like to find any reason to be in the Netherlands just to be able to stay in this boutique hotel.

It’s become fall all of a sudden (despite the calendar saying it’s summer) and I’ve been back to constantly using my electric heating pad. If you live alone or are constantly cold, this is the best invention since… I don’t know what. I’ve also been living in this sweater.

Happy Wednesday!

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