Pack Snacks! 5 Best Snack Foods for Airplane Travel

We’re off to Ottawa on Wednesday, so this weekend I’m organizing the snack plan for the day of our flight.

Airport food is often way overpriced, and not that tasty. And no flight attendant is going to bring you a meal anymore in economy seating! Even if you just head to the nearest Tim Hortons in the departures lounge, you’re still looking at $4.00 to $8.00 going out the window – and you haven’t gone anywhere yet.

One of the easiest ways to keep your money in your pocket on travel days is to pack your own snacks. Of course, with security restrictions around liquids and gels this can get a bit tricky. And if you’re flying with only carry on, you don’t want a bag full of tupperware containers with no room for socks. But these five vegetarian foods travel well, you won’t risk food poisoning by leaving them unrefrigerated, and will give a hit of nutrients and energy for those long travel days.

Muffins – I like a muffin with a bit of fruit but not too much sweetness. These blueberry oatmeal muffins are more filling than regular cafe-style ones, without all the additional sugar. You can sub in another fruit if blueberries aren’t available – I prefer them with tart raspberries. If you can squeeze a few extra muffins in your bag, you’ll have breakfast sorted for the next few days too.

Savings: Blueberry muffin at Tim Horton’s: $1.79 + tax or a blueberry muffin at Starbucks: $3.74

Oat muffins with raspberries

Tofu squares – Fried tofu squares travel really well, and are so bland that when you don’t feel 100% they won’t make you more nauseous! You can dredge them in flour or cornstarch first before frying in coconut oil, or just crisp them up in the oil, no batter required. Once cooked, they don’t need refrigerating, so I’ll prep the whole block of tofu and throw it in a plastic bag for the plane.

Costs: Block of tofu: $2.29-$2.99

Raw veggies – Red bell peppers, carrot sticks, and edamame (soy beans) are my go-to finger foods for traveling. If you buy edamame frozen, the beans don’t need to be cooked so you can grab and go on travel day.

Costs: Bag of frozen edamame: $3.50 on sale

Yogurt – I don’t recommend trying to get your yogurt cup through security, but a bit of yogurt with granola is a great pre-security snack, particularly if you don’t live close to the airport. I like to eat mine in the car on the way. Since airlines are asking travelers to be at the airport particularly early these days, having a snack food specifically for hanging out at the airport before security has become more important. (If you get motion sickness, dairy can sometimes be a trigger, so you might want to sub this out for something more substantial and bread-based!)

Cost comparison: Starbucks yogurt: $2.45 + tax for 1 vs. Oikos yogurt on sale: $3.66 + tax for 4!

Vegetarian Spinach Meatballs all set to travel

Spinach balls – These are my favourite thing on this list and super tasty. These Spinach & Mozzarella Vegetarian Meatballs are usually served with some kind of dipping sauce, but are flavourful enough to grab a few on the way out the door and eat plain later on. I like them at room temperature, but if your travel day is particularly long, freeze them first and they’ll have thawed out by lunch time.

For containers, I like to use the trusty tupperware, and then pack clothes and accessories in the cleaned out empties to go home with. Or, try these reusable bags for an eco-friendly and flat packing option.

What is your go-to travel snack food?

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    […] I hate the stress of waiting in line for airport food and overpaying once you get there. The line up at the coffee shop this time around was nearly half an hour. I know what foods I find comforting so just pack those in advance! Don’t forget to bring an empty water bottle, and fill it up when you get past security. If you find money to be a stressful part of travel, knowing that you aren’t going to spend at all in the airport can be really useful. Need some ideas for travel snacks? Here are 5 finger foods that travel well. […]

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