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Topsham: The Sweetest Little Town in England


I originally wrote this post in 2013 during a seriously budget-style gap year.

Located at the narrow point of the River Exe, which feeds into the English Channel, the little village of Topsham, England sits looking out over sail boats. After weeks of big cities and disappointing English breakfasts, a bus ride into Topsham from Exeter is just the break that travellers need. The best four things about Topsham can be summed up in a handy mnemonic: the 4 B’s.

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Take a walk on the boardwalk! Topsham’s boardwalk network offers calming views of cows and the countryside. They let you wander in designated areas to view the nature conservancy zones and learn about the wildlife. Use the viewing boxes to imagine yourself as a farmer in the south of England!


Eat anything (or everything) at The Lighter Inn and of course have a pint. Sit by the bar and stay warm by the fire. Or head to the window and watch the little bitty boats come in and dock.


There are, as I mentioned, a number of sweet little sail boats that wander in and out of the harbour. They look absolutely nothing like red double decker buses or tiny discount airlines. It almost makes you think you could actually be on holiday. (As opposed, say, to some kind of budget round the world gap year adventure.)


If you aren’t satisfied by seaside beer and little boats, rent a bicycle and ride along these gorgeous trails. The best part of Topsham though is the nearby sea. The fact it is only a forty minute bus ride from Exeter with little boats, hearty and delicious lunches and boardwalks are just bonus.

While Exeter is a great city to spend time in, heading to small town Topsham, England may be just what’s needed.

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