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Montreal, Canada: A Photo Journal


In a whirlwind of travel and trains, I found myself in Montreal last month (having landed in Toronto from Frankfurt just days before…) for the Hymn Society Conference. The Hymn Society of the United States and Canada is an organization that promotes congregational (church) singing. I attended mostly because I’d had such a great time at Music Matters in Etobicoke earlier in the year, and it’s a great networking opportunity. And – who doesn’t like being in Montreal? I was busy with the long days at the conference so didn’t get much sightseeing in, but it’s such a beautiful city that I’ve nonetheless got a Montreal photo journal to share with you!

Le Germain Hotel is one of my favourites in Montreal. On this trip though, I stayed at the McGill Residences as part of the conference.

I took the train into Montreal, but the flight out allowed for perfect views of Quebec.

Every house near McGill University makes you want to own it and live in it forever.

After five weeks away, I managed to only increase my luggage in a minor fashion (that brown bag is mainly full of choral music!).

Looking for more Canadian inspiration?

Most students probably don’t get to see their campus in July – but it’s lovely.

Montreal has dozens of lovely churches to admire.

Perhaps not quite as good as the coffee in Germany, but still not too shabby.

The patio game is strong in Montreal.

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