Start Your Own Newcomer Choir: A Complete Guide


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Welcome! I’m so glad you are considering starting a Newcomer Choir in your region.

The choir was born out of a desire to increase English language learning and practice opportunities for newcomers in the Halifax region, to decrease feelings of isolation by offering space for community building and relationships to grow, and to offer an opportunity for free, low-barrier access to choral music for everyone in the community.

Many considerations went into the conception of the choir, and much learning has happened since it first started. This guide will allow you to benefit from all of the knowledge that the team at Halifax Newcomer Choir has gained, saving you time and energy. Each Newcomer Choir will no doubt look somewhat different, just as each community and region has its own challenges and personality. This 23-page Guide includes information to support all areas of starting the choir, from choosing a venue, to recruiting participants, to promotion and collaboration. It will help direct your planning process, and streamline the creation of your very own Newcomer Choir so you can start singing faster, and more efficiently.


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